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GENERIC ZYRTEC: Cetirizine Hydrochloride


Cetirizine is the fourth addition to a new generation of allergy medications called "non- sedating" antihistamines or histamine (H-1) receptor blockers. These new antihistamines are called non-sedating because they cause less sedation than their predecessors; however, cetirizine is more sedating than the other non-sedating antihistamines. 

Antihistamines block the effects of histamines. Histamines cause symptoms of allergy when released by allergic reactions in the body. Antihistamines block the ability of histamine to promote the allergy symptoms.

Cetirizine is is prescribed to treat the sneezing; itchy, runny nose; and itchy, red, watery eyes caused by seasonal allergies such as hay fever. The drug also relieves the symptoms of year-round allergies due to dust, mold, and animal dander. This medication is also used in the treatment of chronic itchy skin and hives.

SIDE EFFECTS: Sleepiness occurs in 14% of patients. Dry mouth, nausea, headache, fatigue, jitteriness and sore throat are infrequently reported with cetirizine.

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